I’m In Transition

After a brief fight with cancer, a job layoff, and a move across the country, I decided it was time to slow down and make some changes.  I’m transitioning from being a successful woman in the workplace to a successful woman in the home.  (I said transitioning…oh, so much to learn!)  

My purpose for blogging is to help clarify my purpose (ok, what do I do now?), document what I am learning (ok, how am I gonna make this work?), and expand my community along the way, (hey, I know you!).

My Path

25 Years

Married 25 years to my man. (That’s him, over there.) We have 5 awesome kids, a handsome son-in-law, and one cutie-petutie grandchild!

I worked for 10 years at HSBC, starting as a front line employee.  When I left the company as an Assistant Vice President, I had enjoyed training others abroad, achieved “Professional of the Year” and “CEO Award Winner” recognition, and had built a new business unit from a department of one (that was me), to over 50. Yeah, I was laid off, but you’ll never hear me have anything bad to say. I loved my job, adored my coworkers, and I really appreciate everything  HSBC has done for me. It was a great 10 years!

Now that the dust has settled post HSBC, my priorities are the same…but different. I’m working towards a career of being an Executive Persistent, (which is like being an executive assistant) from new corporate headquarters, (aka “the house”).  The journey has begun!

My Favorites

The Bible

My favorite books are Acts and 2Timothy. Both have always motivated me because they are full of action words and awesome results!



I am so engrossed in recipe rehab!  I want to remake every unhealthy thing we eat into something that looks good, tastes good, and actually IS good for us.


Home (Re)-Making

I am not a decorator, that’s for sure. Challenging myself to recreate rooms that are warm, inviting, and low-budget has filled that creative void left by unemployment.  I have a few “oops, that didn’t work” moments, but some “whoop whoop!” successes.




Walking, hiking, elliptical, interval training, free weights… yes, I need to start doing these, big time! They are my favorites, but fitting them in…hmmm.




Doing My Taxes

Wait, what? (Not really. I’m just trying to convince myself. Its that time of the year.)